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Premium fonts

I always start my logo designs with a font.

In fact, you may have noticed many of the most famous and most successful logos are made from a clever font choice and a manual edit to one of its characters.

Slight variations in the font can be called glyphs or ligatures, and it’s not widely known that premium fonts often have bonus variations available to every character.

If the font family doesn’t have glyphs or a set of ligatures, a good designer will know how to use their apps to convert a font into an image from text and then edit any part of that font manually.

So now we understand that fonts are very important to logos, the next step is to find the font that is going to give your brand a kick start.



At Sunshine Design I’ve been purchasing premium fonts for a number of years and I’m always on the lookout for the next great font. I love discovering new ways to use them in my projects. By making so many logos over the years, but not knowing all of the names of all of my 100’s of fonts, I did find that going through the testing process on a particular word was quite tedious. So I developed a simple A4 sheet with all of my best font selections, all shown as ABCD Test Fonts, and from there I do a simple find and replace with the client’s brand name. It’s a very effective way of narrowing down font choices at the start of a project.

Like any trade, you are only as good as your toolbox. So make sure your designer has a big selection of premium fonts available or at the very least, they know where to source them from.

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