Prices and packages

So how much does it cost for a senior graphic designer on the Sunshine Coast?

Consultation & Quoting

The initial consultation is free and has no obligation. Project estimates are based on $100 per billable hour. Retainers are also an option for ongoing support and maintenance of websites and social media, such as SEO, posts or marketing.

Logo Design and Branding

Logo and branding design packages –

  • Get Started – $200 – Choose from a selection of 100 premium fonts + 2 revisions – outputted to 3 formats in the colour of your choice for use on social and print
  • Package A (I know what I want) – $500 – (based on two computer-rendered ideas based on a concise brief or sketch/reference) (3 colour pallets) + 2 amends on an initial thought – (includes the supply of up to 3 formats)
  • Package B (a popular choice) – $900 – (based on five draft ideas) (up to 3 colour pallets such as reversed, black and white, full colour) + 2 amends on final thoughts – (supply of up to 5 formats such as jpg, png, eps, pdf)
  • Package C (premium for large scale output and various usage) – From $2,000 – (based on up to 10 developed ideas) (up to 5 colour pallets) unlimited amendment stages within the first two weeks  – (Includes branding style sheet and guidelines for printing), supply of up to 10 formats/versions.

Logo and branding folio here

When considering unusually low quotes from other ‘graphic designers’, consider reading this blog first on ‘you get what you pay for

Stationary – business cards, letterheads and brochure design

  • Business card design with existing logo including two amends – $300 Printing can be organised but is optional. Approximately $150 depending on paper stock, finish and delivery of 500 cards.
  • Letterhead design with existing logo including two amends – $200
  • 4-page brochure design ($1,000)
  • 8-page corporate brochure ($1,500) includes up to 10 stock images
  • 16-page brochure design ($2,000) included up to 20 stock images

Other design

  • Design Software and OSX training – $100 per hour in-house. (call out – $5 per km)
  • Photoshoot ($300) + call out ($5 per km) includes all digital files.
  • Animation, Photoshop, Illustrations, ebooks and other unique projects quoted $100 per hour based on the brief.
  • Graphic Design training (Adobe Creative Cloud) – $100 per hour (Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator)
  • Web design training and advice – $100 per hour or $500 per day. SEO, Marketing, Wix or WordPress, Divi Builder, how to get backlinks and other free traffic, analytics, Email marketing using MailChimp, YouTube, and Social media.
  • Video Editing – $100 per hour.

Custom computer illustration

Illustration ballpark

An illustration is quite a time-consuming process because each step of the process is crafted by hand and not assembled with premade ingredients. For this reason, I break down the process into steps that get signed off along the way. Sketches, rough computer art and then more detailed finessed final art. Below is a guide on how much an average illustration will cost. Prices may vary depending on complexity, colours and style.

  • Package A – (no sketches required) convert a fleshed-out idea or photography into professional vector or Photo manipulated artwork – Range $400 – $800 based on detail and complexity (two revisions) (supply of up to 5 formats such as jpg, png, eps, pdf)
  • Package B – Original idea based on the client brief and references – 2 drafts of rough sketches then three drafts to get to final art – $1000 – $1600 based on detail and complexity (supply of up to 5 formats such as jpg, png, eps, pdf)

Illustration folio here

Website Design and SEO

Website Design Packages

WordPress do it yourself training package – $400

  • Installation of the Premium DIVI theme and updater plug-in (value $240)
  • Plug-in recommendations and installation
  • Two hours of training – Valued $200 – everything you need to know to need to get your first site up and running.
  • Hosting recommendations

SEO training – $200

  • Ideal for someone who has made their first website but needs help to get more visits.
  • Two hours training session on how to get the most out of your WordPress site – includes advice on Google Maps (Google My Business) local search, best free listings, using the Yoast Plugin effectively, finding the best key phrases for your business. How to match and improve on what your competition is doing.

WordPress – Single page design – get a responsive, professionally designed website with on-page SEO – $700

Even if you’re not quite ready to send clients to your site, it’s good to get a head start on your website. Note that the earlier you get some primary content online, the faster Google will add credibility to your domain name. Getting a web page started will benefit your long term SEO, plus the site can easily be upsized at any time.

  • Optional extra – $300 per year ongoing plug-in maintenance/hosting with SSL. Cpanel access is available on request. Backups, plug-in updates. Security monitoring.
  • Additional add-ons – Photoshop, logo creation, copywriting, illustration stock imagery. Design and editorial training.

WordPress – 6 page (SEO optimised per page) – $2,000

  • Optional $300 per year ongoing maintenance/hosting with SSL. Cpanel access is available on request. Backups, plug-in updates. Security monitoring.
  • Additional pages and integration based on $100 per hour (Average $200-$300 per page based on content.
  • Additional add-ons – Photoshop, logo creation, copywriting, illustration stock imagery. Design and editorial training.

WordPress maintenance and SEO package – $100 per month

  • Ongoing maintenance/hosting of the website with SSL. Cpanel access is available on request. Backups, plug-in updates. Security monitoring. Support.
  • Monthly suggestions on website improvements.
  • Research and analysis of competition.
  • Suggestions for content creation.
  • Creation or editing of blog content
  • Analytics reporting for the month and the year to date

More info on website design is here.

More info on website SEO is here.

New - Premium customised CV in Adobe

Custom CV – limited deal of the month

Cover letter and CV in Adobe suite – $300

  • Consult and brainstorming session
  • Photoshoot and retouching
  • Editing and finessing of any supplied content
  • Infographics and stock images, premium fonts
  • Supply of editable pdf

Example of Cover letter and CV Design

  • Optional design converted to a similar design in Microsoft word + $200 to the cost.
  • Minor edits and versions  – $25 each

Other Graphic Design Services

The graphic design services below are simply based on $100 per hour or $25 per 15 minutes.

Extras and Contingencies

  • Website management, backups and hosting/troubleshooting ($320 per year)
  • Edits to the website after sign off – ($100 per hour.)
  • Printing and stock images are at retail cost plus 30% markup (this covers risk management, accounting, search and membership costs).
  • Client amends and changes to brief and content beyond any agreed estimate agreement is $100 per hour.

If anything here is required but not listed, I can advise on a suitable, trusted partner for collaboration.

Price matching to another design quote?

If you love my folio but are weighing up an estimate from another experienced designer or agency, I’ll see what I can do.

Simply send me a breakdown estimate to with the message ‘can you match this?’ Nothing to lose, just your preferred designer.

Advertising Agency versus freelance graphic design cost comparison.

A typical senior designer is charged out at $2,500 a day (based on 8 hours), Covering the cost of administration, reception, IT, HR, creative retainers, strategy, traffic, account management, training, pitches, marketing, holidays, sick leave, rent, pitching and staff entertainment.

With Sunshine Design, you don’t pay for all of these administration overheads. But you still get the expertise of a senior creative designer. I charge for my time at a base rate of $100 per hour. You are briefing me – the same guy that designs and produces your work., with over 25 years in Advertising, Design and Marketing plus a BA in Design and Award School. I’m friendly and local, and I make great free coffee.

Better Communication. Guaranteed Results!

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