Animation – Adobe Animate

Animated from rebuilding an existing static logo provided.

This an example of an animated GIF created from Animate CC – formally Flash. The file size is relatively small, sharp, and loads quite well.

Animation – choosing the right format

Depending on the assets within the original animation you can choose to render the file as a responsive HTML5 format which includes 2 sets of code and a linked image folder, a GIF image to upload to your own site directly or as an MP4. The format you choose will determine the file size and whether it is appropriate for your use on your website. For vector art and simple tweens, HTML 5 would be recommended. For image-heavy animations with photographs, a GIF may work better. For longer animations, a link to YouTube may work for you.

Sunshine Coast Logo animation
Ebook cover graphic design and illustration - Sunshine Coast

Extreme Nouns – Ingredients for Advertising Ideas

A simple 2 frame GIF animation.

This is an example of an animated GIF created from Photoshop. Within the PSD layers pallet, I’ve created 2 folders that contain variations of the same image. Then output each folder as a separate frame in the GIF which transitions over a 2-second interval.

How to make animated images?

Depending on what you are trying to achieve, animation can be created within a dedicated animation program like Adobe Animate, or in this example, I’ve used Photoshop. The hand was made in a 3D program called Poser and the rest of the image was made in Illustrator and Photoshop.

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