Bodhi Events Animation

Based on the existing static logo provided.

I’ve embedded this animated swf vector file created from Animate CC. The file size is small, sharp and loads fast which is ideal. The disadvantage is that swf files aren’t currently supported by mobile..only desktop computers. Hopefully, that changes soon. The way around it is to have 2 optional elements stacked in a website column. One element is a text box containing the flash embed code. This is set to display only on the desktop. The alternate element is an image file, which is set to display on phone and tablet. This can be a static image or an animated gif.

Animation Sunshine Coast
Ebook cover graphic design and illustration - Sunshine Coast
Animated GIF Sunshine Coast

A couple of advertising banners for Weight Watchers during my 8 years at BMF Advertising. This was my introduction to Flash which is now called Animate Creative Cloud. Animate is a great platform for creating effective motion graphics at high resolution and small file size. Most of these banners are made to load super fast at under 40k compared to a similar mp4s at up to 100 times that size.

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